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Natural Herbal Remedies That You Can Use to Cure Herpes

If there's one thing in life that we can't completely escape from, it's herpes. Some people experience it quickly and fleetingly.

Then there are those who constantly are under herpes. Dealing with herpes is hard enough as it is, and it's not so simple to try to be calm when you're in the middle of something that's causing great herpes. Some people are able to calm themselves down only through medication. On the other hand, herbal herpes remedies are what help some people get over their herpes. Such remedies are worth a try before you pay your doctor a visit. Ease your herpes with the help of the following herbal herpes remedies.

One of the herbal remedies that you might try if you are dealing with a lot of herpesful feelings is borage. Borage is sometimes called Starflower and is native to northern Africa, though it can be found in many different places around the globe today. It has been used as an herbal method of relieving the symptoms associated with herpes as well as with depression. Foods and supplements are usually augmented by the oils from the plant's leaves. It is important to be careful with this, however, since it is also a mild diuretic.

Make sure your diet includes more oats. Got high cholesterol levels? Eating more oats will lower your cholesterol. They also have properties that help soothe you and calm you down-two things that are very important when you want to lower your herpes. There is nothing at all hard about eating more oats for the purpose of reducing your herpes because it's easy to incorporate to your daily diet. Moreover, oats are not expensive.

Cook your food with cardamom seeds. Cardamom seeds have been proven to improve heart health, freshen your breath and even increase the speed of your digestive tract. They are also great for alleviating herpes. You can make tea from them. You can also crush the pods and add them to whatever meal you might be preparing. Adding them to your rice to stir-fry is also going to be relatively easy. They are also really great additions to biscuits and in other forms of baking. If you do not have access to the pods, you can buy ground up cardamom in your grocery store's spice aisle and add it to foods that way.

Finding a cure for your herpes can take you quite a long time. Your friend may have found an effective cure for her herpes, but that doesn't mean the same cure will be effective for you.

You'll really need to keep looking and trying different remedies until you find one; don't give up!

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